Top 10 Trends of Entrepreneurship in 2022

  • This article highlights the top trends in entrepreneurship to look forward to in 2022.

The modern markets and business landscape have been affected by numerous factors. These include the continuous development of new technologies, shifts in the social structure, the ongoing pandemic, and many others.

In that light, it’s no wonder that the upcoming year will see some relatively novel trends rise on the markets. This article will showcase the top 10 trends that will dictate entrepreneurship in 2022.

Remote Work

Already in 2018, Forbes wrote about the increasing number of digital nomads across various markets. Many people have turned towards remote work not only as a workplace trend, but as means of freelancing. This specialized workforce has been growing and is now becoming a driving force behind modern entrepreneurship.

The Mobile Market

The rapid development of mobile devices keeps expanding the reach of businesses towards their customers. As people spend more time looking at their phones, many marketing strategies have surfaced to target smart device users and leverage mobile commerce to increase outreach. This trend will undoubtedly continue in years to come.

Independent Contracts and Gigs

According to Statista, the gig economy has seen a steady rate of growth in the previous years, and that trend will likely continue well into the 20s. In the U.S. alone, over a third of the workforce has been engaged in this economy type, with some independent contractors reaching over $10 million in value.

Subscriptions are Thriving

Subscription models aren’t a new phenomenon in themselves. However, they have become much more prominent even in industries that aren’t accustomed to subscriptions. Entertainment and media, IT, online learning, and even the food industry have adopted this model. And with the growth it currently has, there’s no doubt it will keep expanding.

Growing Social Responsibility

The accessibility of information and the possibility of public backlash is forcing companies to become much more sincere and careful when it comes to the social impact of their operations. Customers are more responsive to ethical businesses, with 92% of millennials opting for such companies. Besides driving greater social responsibility, this social climate is also giving rise to novel niches.

Business Specialization

Business education has been able to keep up with many prevailing trends. Education programs are becoming more specialized, offering bleeding-edge knowledge and training on the latest tools as they become available. These programs are creating a specialized workforce that will be able to meet the demands of the developing market.

Great Variety of Internet Media

Internet media has been a key factor in the global economy for some time. The disruption caused by the pandemic has boosted this venue for entrepreneurship further, attracting people from various niches and growing online services even more.

Businesses Going Green

Similar factors that drive companies to become more socially responsible are also pushing markets towards a green, more eco-friendly economy. This trend is reinforced by various policies and green movements functioning worldwide.

Social Media Commerce

Similarly to mobile devices, social media marketing has presented a revolution when it comes to marketing. Companies and entrepreneurs are using the massive audience present on different platforms to reach their ideal clients and present their products and services to their niches.

Super Specific Niching

Niching has always been a core principle of business. However, in recent years, it has become increasingly specific. As the market turns further towards catering to particular customer needs, businesses have started pivoting to customized services and products. These narrow niches could turn out to be extremely profitable in the coming years.

Prepare for the Future

Most trends that will become prevalent in 2022 are already present today in some form. In the coming period, they are expected to grow stronger, fueled by technological and societal development.

As it has always been the case, businesses that come to the future market prepared will have an immense advantage. And those companies and entrepreneurs will likely reap the benefits of adopting emerging trends not only in 2022, but in years to come.

About the Author

Pamela Wigglesworth, CSP, is an international communication consultant, high-performance presentation coach, speaker, and CEO of Experiential.  She helps clients establish their executive presence, structure a clear, concise message, and deliver their thoughts and ideas with style, confidence, and authority.