Would you want your dentist to ‘just wing it’?

July 11, 2018 By: Pamela - No Comments

Whether I am addressing a group of sales executives during an in-house training or a C – Suite coaching client, somewhere during the conversation I will ask, “When it comes to preparing for your presentation to stakeholders, clients, management or the Board of Directors, how often do you practice before the presentation?” Before they have a chance to respond, I immediately follow up by asking, “how many of you practice at least 4 times….3 times, ….2 times or at least once?”

Usually by the time I get to one time, a few hands will go up, but it’s a small fraction of the people in the room. If I ask that in a one-to-one coaching session, the answer tends to be similar.

When I ask the last question, why are you not practicing, the response almost always is the same. “I don’t practice, I just wing it.” Sound familiar?

Yikes! Your position, your reputation or company’s business is on the line and you’re just wingin’ it? That’s a lot to be riding on for you to just show up and ‘do your thing.’

Would you want your dentist to ‘just wing it’ on your next appointment, or do you want to know that he or she is fully prepared by reviewing your x-rays in advance, formulated a plan of action and knows exactly how to execute that plan?

For an executive moving up the corporate ladder, you’ve reached a point in your career where you can no longer ‘just wing it’. At the senior management or c-suite level, the stakes are way to high to go into a presentation without being prepared. I’m talking about the actual content of the presentation, your voice, your pitch, the rhythm, your facial expressions and hand gestures, your body language and the way you dress.

The time to stop ‘winging it’ was yesterday. If you’re looking to move up the corporate ladder or have the desire to improve your overall manner of communication, your executive presence for that matter, then it’s time to invest in yourself.

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