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The Art of Persuasion

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Presentation is not just about standing at the podium and running through the slides. It is about engaging the audience’s attention and presenting your ideas in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner. It involves being prepared in all aspects of presentation versus simply focusing on a power point presentation.


Having superior presentation skills will not only make you a more effective communicator, it will also enhance your credibility at your workplace as you will be perceived as an expert.


In 1-day The Art of Persuasion workshop, participants address various areas of the overall presentation; the content structure, how to open and close the presentation with impact along with verbal delivery, posture and gestures. They learn techniques for answering difficult questions during Q&A sessions.

After this training you will be positioned to:

  • Convey your message to the audience in a clear, logical and focused fashion
  • Stand out from the crowd and get notice in a positive way
  • Deliver your message in a more natural, comfortable and confident manner
  • Enjoy presenting and sharing with your audience
  • Significantly reduce your preparation time for presentations and meetings
  • Be proficient in your use of PowerPoint and props
  • Organise and execute meetings more effectively
  • Build your credibility, your career and your reputation

Who should attend:

Management professionals, trainers, teachers, or sales management who present to groups of any size, this workshop is for you.

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Hello, I am Pamela Wigglesworth, CEO and Communication Consultant at Experiential. You will learn how to enhance your presentation by speaking at the right pace and volume; develop the skills to communicate in a way that makes an emotional connection with your audience, client or management; and use storytelling to engage them.

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