High Performance Presentation Skills for Sales Professionals


Are you a Sales Manager, Representative or Sales Department Head responsible for the business to business sales of your company’s products or services? You find that companies in your industry are tightening their purchasing budgets, yet the company continues to increase your business targets.

It is becoming more challenging to attract new leads and to get your foot in the door with prospects, current and past clients. Once you do get an appointment, you have one chance to make a great first impression and one chance to introduce your product or service. The pressure is on to present well to close the sale or at the very least to get the next appointment.

The course was designed specifically to provide sales professional, with the tools and techniques to deliver memorable business presentations with clarity and confidence. You will in increase your chances for a successful meeting when you know how to develop a rapport with the prospect prior to your first meeting. Be seen as a helpful consultant to the client instead of a pushy salesperson. You will learn how to identify the client’s immediate needs and invisible needs and sale more to them. Be in a position to demonstrate how the features of your products or service benefits the clients by sharing the results they will gain as a result of buying from you.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Win new clients, new sales, business tenders or projects
  • Effectively identify the client’s needs, wants or problems
  • Become an active listener and then offer appropriate solutions
  • Convey your message to the audience in a clear, logical and focused fashion
  • Establish a relationship with the client prior to the first meeting
  • Stand out from your competitors and get notice in a positive way
  • Convert objectives into opportunities to learn more of what your client needs
  • Question your clients in a more natural, comfortable and confident manner
  • Share the features of your products and articulate the benefits to the client
  • Organise and execute meetings more effectively
  • Significantly reduce your preparation time for presentations and meetings
  • Build your credibility, your career and your reputation




Who should attend:

Management professionals, Sales Managers, Business Development Managers, Marketing Executives, Trainers, Teachers, or Entrepreneurs, that present to groups of any size, this workshop is for you. This workshop is for anyone who does presentations for any purpose within an organisation and who desire to move up to the next leave of presentation and performance.



Please contact Pamela directly by email at coaching@experiential.sg or telephone  (+65) 6241 9834 to discuss one to one coaching for you or a staff member.


Money Back Guarantee

Money Back

If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the course content or some way you feel that the course does not live up to your expectations, just contact us in writing on where we fell short and we will fully refund your money.


Here’s what past participants had to say:

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