"Trainer is very engaging and triggers our thoughts of the way we do our presentations."

    Simon Diong, MOE
  • NHGP

    "Pamela is a wonderful trainer and delivers her content in a structural and relevant manner. I could relate to the examples she provided and her exercises are very insightful."

    Annie Chua, NHGP
  • MOE

    "Charismatic presenter. Very interesting personality. Much to ‘model’ and take away from presenter."

    Low Su Rin, MOE
  • PUB

    "Pam is a great trainer! She kept us engaged and made the learning interesting. She gave us many opportunities to share our issues and suggested appropriate solutions to our problems. Thanks Pam."

    Ervia Huang, PUB
  • Spore Customs

    "The trainer is simply outstanding and has done a great job. She is well trained. This course is really a must for all trainers!"

    Isaac Jay, Spore Customs
  • IE Singapore

    "Pamela is an excellent speaker and trainer who delivers high-quality contents with relevant examples. Very engaging 2-day course packed with fun, experiential activities. Learnt a lot and made new friends. Would recommend it to my colleagues!"

    Chai Pei Shan, IE Singapore
  • PUB Singapore

    "I’m really grateful and deeply appreciative of all the lessons that you have imparted to us in the most engaging, interactive and most importantly, enjoyable channel of communication through that class. I wouldn’t have been a better presenter now if I did not attend your wonderful course that has bestowed me with renewed confidence that anyone and everyone has the ability and potential to be a STAR on the stage, for the people who have taken time to come and listen to you. For that, I thank you so much Pam, and I promise to continue to make full use and the best of what I’ve learnt though those of your memorable lessons.
    Following the course, I’ve had the opportunity to practise what I’ve learnt – the day after I got back to office, I was asked to give a short presentation of 5 minutes to my bosses on some keynote R&D project updates. I managed to employ A LOT of those key takeaways from the course like, “remembering key talking points instead of memorizing scripts, framing my presentation in a succinct structure where only key info needs to be delivered within a limited time so as to garner their maximum attention rather than focusing on myself and making myself unnecessarily nervous, establishing positive body language and eye contact, and also last but not least, drinking warm water to warm up my vocals before taking the stage with a BIG smile on my face! Those pointers really came in VERY handy and I managed to employed what you taught me, and I was quietly proud of myself after that 5 mins which I think I did quite an above-average job, considering my lack of self-confidence to start with, and also that my boss was nodding his head in acknowledgment of what I was saying as I breezed him through the updates project-by-project!"

    Jiawei Ng, PUB Singapore
  • HTS Management Service – Quality | HSBC Technology and Services

    Lunch & Learn Event
    "I received 100% positive feedback, the first ever! They truly enjoyed your session and many have asked me to bring you back for other topics! Really couldn’t thank you more!
    I will surely get in touch with you again when the next opportunity comes. Thanks for the fantastic talk!"

    Cindy Teo AVP, HTS Management Service – Quality | HSBC Technology and Services
  • "The workshop “Increase your online marketing to increase your sales” was fantastic – very useful and engaging! I have rarely seen such a straight forward and hands-on approach that allows to implement a 100% of all the tips and tricks shared. Your suggestions about “Article Marketing” come just right to increase traffic to my website and I started exploring the list of article directories you gave us. Its a great idea to get more visibility online and thanks to your valuable insights it will not affect my marketing budget. Thank you Pamela!”

    Monika Khaled Authorized distributor for Desert Diamonds Singapore and Co-chair for PrimeTime Small Business Group,
  • Paris Graduate School of Management, Singapore

    “Pam is a great coach. She communicates her ideas effectively and is able to impart valuable insights on the subject of entrepreneurship. I used to be passive and overwhelmed with the challenges I faced at work. But after attending her class, I had a new perspective and was illuminated to think out of the box. The course taught me to maximize my effectiveness at work and I was inspired to be a problem solver. Pam has a great sense of humor and is able to enthuse the class with practical illustrations. She is creative, innovative, cares for her students and has our best interest at heart. There’s something special about Pam! “

    Jacquerine Student, Paris Graduate School of Management, Singapore
  • Paris Graduate School of Management, Singapore

    “For our school, Paris Graduate School of Management, academic qualification, relevant extensive experience as well as strong communication skills (well able to capture students' attention) are important factors we look out for when selecting lecturers. Ms Pamela Wigglesworth possesses all of the above.
    Her strengths lie in her strong communication skills and ability to make lessons applicable yet entertaining to students. She has a strong knowledge of subject matter and the ability to integrate real life experiences into course content & coursework. What is most valuable to you in our work together we valued the strong rapport established based on trust & the integrity with students & staff of school.”

    Evelyn Kuek Programme Manager, Paris Graduate School of Management, Singapore
  • Johary Marketing Manager, CentralHub Connections, Singapore

    “We selected Experiential because we were interested in the courses that they provide and impressed with the trainer’s background and experiences. Pamela has excellent communication skills, a great sense of humour (very necessary in training) and ability to keep the delegates engaged throughout the training duration. She is very knowledgeable in her area of expertise (and a great friend to have too!). She is accommodating, understanding optimistic, easy-going; hence easy to work with. There is also a mutual understanding between organizer and trainer.”

    Sheda Al, Johary Marketing Manager, CentralHub Connections, Singapore
  • CEO, Textile & Fashion Industry Training Centre, Singapore

    “Taf.tc chose to work with Experiential because Pamela is an energized, enthusiastic and passionate trainer. She is capable of developing her own training materials. Her strength lies in her ability to articulate and her industry experience in merchandising and product development, as well as first hand experience as an entrepreneur, retailer and seeking venture capital.

    Pamela is conscientious about proving quality to the trainees and is willing to contextualize training programs for differing needs. She is a reliable trainer and capable of delivering quality trainings.”

    Doreen Tan, CEO, Textile & Fashion Industry Training Centre, Singapore
  • Marketing Manager, Adfix Media, Singapore

    "It has been a pleasure meeting you last Thursday at EDC@SMCCI for your branding talk. I thought it was a refreshing and energetic presentation you gave. I’ve certainly been inspired and did learn some great new ideas from you. In fact, thanks to you, we have face-lifted our website to project a consistent brand image.

    Thank you once again for sharing with us your valuable wealth of knowledge about the concept of a brand, misconceptions around it and the key tips on actively creating positive branding. Of course, that bit on the bar of soap and name card perception assessment was unique and certainly an eye-opener to subtle influences on a brand!"

    Danial Fadzlon, Marketing Manager, Adfix Media, Singapore
  • CEO, ST Training Solutions, Singapore

    “It’s been great working with you at ASSAP 2010 – the Asian Summit for Secretaries and Admin Professionals. Your participation in our conference was well-received, and delegates enjoyed your lively, interactive presentation.

    Thanks also for your one-day workshop on Personal Excellence, which had participants involved and interested throughout the day. Your preparation and materials were excellent. It’s great to work with you, Pam, and thanks for your friendship and support.”

    Shirley Taylor, CEO, ST Training Solutions, Singapore
  • Managing Director, HMV, Hong Kong & Singapore

    "The staff really enjoyed the first two sessions and say they have learned more about customer service training and engaging the customer than in any other course we have offered. They also really liked the interactive-ness and the fact that it was done within the store environment."

    Emily Butt, Managing Director, HMV, Hong Kong & Singapore
  • Singapore Polytechnic

    “Good techniques to be adopted; the speaker have vast experiences”

    Suresh Balasundram, Singapore Polytechnic
  • “The trainer’s really excellent. She’s engaging. I want to be able to speak like her”

  • Singapore Polytechnic

    “Pamela has been an engaging, fun trainer and imported practical tips and valuable insights into equipping us towards an excellent presenter. Thank you for the wonderful experience”

    Ong Lay Choo, Singapore Polytechnic
  • ITS – Energy Services

    “Brilliant work, exceptional knowledge.

    Asfand Pasha, ITS – Energy Services
  • “I enjoyed and learned a lot. Good handout material”

    Richard Robertson,
  • Ministry of Home Affairs

    “The trainer is very engaging and shared her personal experiences with us. Appreciate your candidness”

    Chua Shi Qian, Ministry of Home Affairs
  • International SOS

    “Pamela is great. Learned a lot from her and would tell myself to use it at work. Very relevant sharing of experience to illustrate her point”

    Angie Oi, International SOS
  • Euro RSCG Siren

    “Good instructor, great educational activities and overall an interesting learning experience”

    Suren Rastogi, Euro RSCG Siren
  • Kaplan

    “The trainer is excellent and impressive learning experience”

    Huang Xiao Xiao Helen, Kaplan
  • New Dreams Pte Ltd.

    “Very informative, useful tips and engaging activities. You really feel like you’re getting inside info instead of listening to a professor read off a textbook. Our team will definitely be holding a meeting as soon as possible to implement all of the ideas to optimize our various social media platforms.”

    Teo Yi Yun, New Dreams Pte Ltd.
  • Ultimate Balance Consultancy

    “It has been an awesome and fruitful 2-day with lots of learning on how to leverage the available free social media to help enhance my brand and personal branding. The ‘how to’ step-by-step guide is priceless. It has given me much confidence to pursue my business through social media.”

    Kim Underhill, Ultimate Balance Consultancy
  • Jaz Lai Pte Ltd

    “The SME Bootcamp gave me a lot of implementation ideas. I’ve immediately called for a company meeting next Monday to discuss all the strategies that can be implemented straight away. We need to divide and conquer among the whole team.”

    Audrey Chooi, Jaz Lai Pte Ltd