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Results. They’re what every business strives for – be in an increase in sales, generating more leads and customers or perhaps improving brand awareness in the marketplace.

Hi. My name is Pamela Wigglesworth. I’m originally from the USA and I’ve been living in Asia for over 24 years. As an international corporate trainer, speaker and Managing Director of Experiential Hands-on Learning, my passion (yes, I do mean that) is helping SMEs, MNCs and entrepreneurs shorten their learning curve and accelerate their business results.

My areas of expertise are verbal and non-verbal presentation skills as well as branding and marketing communication. To some, these may seem like odd bedfellows, however to me, they totally go together. One has to be a good communicator to sell themselves and equally we need to understand how to effectively communicate about our brand, products and services.

I work with companies across multiple industries to enhance their branding, marketing communications to get big results on a small budget. I am the author of Small Business Acceleration: Get Noticed using Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, Public Relations and Video Marketing.

It is my belief that ever person, every company, regardless of size, should have the chance to make their business a success…..whatever that looks like for you.

The video above reveals why it is that I am so passionate about helping other businesses succeed.

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