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Top 5 Ways to Build an Email List

May 8, 2019 By: Pamela - No Comments

Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep your users engaged and interested in your offer. If you’ve made contact with a customer who’s expressed an interest in your products or services, you can use email marketing to make sure they come back and stay interested in you. I refer to this as ‘keeping the conversation going’.

One of the most important aspects of email marketing campaigns will be your email list. Building and constantly expanding your list should be one of your top priorities, as a good list is a strong indicator of how successful your business will be. It will take some time, but you first need to get started.

Here are some useful tips on how to build an email list.

Offer Quality Content

Email marketing comes down to quality content. If you expect people to sign up for your email campaigns, you have to give them a good reason to do so. One of the best ways to get people to want your emails is to make sure that every email offers them genuinely useful content. Whether it’s about tips, industry news, or just fun little pieces of information, your emails have to include something worth reading.

Think of your emails as blog posts or online articles. Ask yourself: “Would I read this if I saw it on my Facebook news feed?” If the answer is “yes” – you’re on the right track.

Social Media

A great way to expand your email list is to promote your offers on social media. You can use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn advertising to offer your customers a free resource that requires an email address to redeem. If you choose to do this, make sure your opt-in form is clear and transparent about what you intend to do with the information you receive.

Your Facebook page should have a “Sign Up” CTA (call to action) linked directly to a landing page on your website. The access of this landing page should also require an email address.

Your Website

Users should never have to dig through your website to find an email signup option. These options should be strategically placed throughout your website on pages like “About Us”, “Contact”, and your homepage. There are some business owners who have some type of opt-in form or lead magnet give-away on each key page of their website. This is a personal choice.  

Only place signup buttons and CTAs where it makes sense to do so. For example, at the end of a useful blog you can have a CTA that invites people to sign up for your newsletter if they like what they’ve just read and want to learn more about the subject.

Giveaways and Promotional Offers

You can organize a giveaway or a similar contest that requires an email address to access. This can be done on social media, your website, or even a completely different website created only for the purpose of the contest. There are plenty of contests that you can organize, the most popular ones being photo contests, quizzes, essays, recipes, etc.

You should also give your followers something useful as a reward for signing up for your email list. A reward is also referred to as a lead magnet, clickbait or an ethical bribe. Any free resource like an e-book, catalogue of products, or a helpful tool could be a good idea. Keep in mind that it should be easy to consume the content in 5 minutes or less. Anything longer and your prospect is not likely to read it.

Traditional Advertising

In this digital age, it can be easy to forget about the fundamentals and focus solely on the new technologies. But, traditional marketing can sometimes be as effective as digital marketing in growing your email list.

Offline events like fairs, trade shows, etc. can be a great opportunity to collect emails. Host and attend these events, collect registrations online, and send the users a welcome email confirming their opt-in.

Final Word

So, give your users a strong reason to subscribe and promote your signup option wherever you can. While doing this, make sure you get explicit consent from all users so as to avoid potential problems with the GDPR


Pamela Wigglesworth CSP, is an International Speaker, entrepreneurship & marketing consultant and CEO of Experiential Hands-on Learning. She is the author of The 50-60 Something Start-up Entrepreneur: How to Quickly Start and Run a Successful Small Business.