Fear-(less) Business Presentations


Do you love the work you do…that is until it comes to having to speak and presenting in public? You are well aware that support for your project, idea, proposal, product purchase or even a budget approval can be won or lost based on your ability to present with style, confidence and authority. Yet the simple thought of having to give a presentation keeps you awake at night, sick to your stomach and overcome with fear.

The truth of the matter is that a great majority of people feel this way. The 2-Day course Fear-(Less) Business Presentations was designed to help you reduce your fear of speaking in front of groups at work by providing you with the four fundamentals of business presentations; content, delivery, non-verbal communication and visual aids. The concerns of forgetting the presentation, being paralyzed by nerves and the fear of the audience as a whole are reduced when you are able to identify what your greatest issues and fears are. With new skills and techniques, combined together with on-going practice, your confidence grows while simultaneously reducing your overall fears.

As a result you will be positioned to:

  • Command the attention of the room from the beginning to the end of the presentation
  • Deliver your message in a more natural, comfortable and confident manner
  • Reduce the fear of speaking in public
  • Effectively get your points across to stakeholders
  • Avoid a state of panic when answering questions
  • Manage your nerves and use the adrenaline rush to your advantage
  • Be well prepared and relaxed with advance knowledge of the room set up and equipment
  • Enjoy presenting and sharing with your audience vs. dreading the process
  • Easily develop rapport with your audience
  • Speak in a manner that conveys authority
  • Display positive body language that shows you are in control
  • Use techniques that keep you from forgetting your content while presenting

Money Back Guarantee

If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the course content or some way you feel that the course does not live up to your expectations, just contact us in writing on where we fell short and we will fully refund your money.


 Here’s what past participants had to say:

“Pamela is an excellent speaker and trainer who delivers high-quality contents with relevant examples. Very engaging 2-day course packed with fun, experiential activities. Learnt a lot and made new friends. Would recommend it to my colleagues!”

    – Chai Pei Shan, IE Singapore

“I’m really grateful and deeply appreciative of all the lessons that you have imparted to us in the most engaging, interactive and most importantly, enjoyable channel of communication through that class. I wouldn’t have been a better presenter now if I did not attend your wonderful course that has bestowed me with renewed confidence that anyone and everyone has the ability and potential to be a STAR on the stage, for the people who have taken time to come and listen to you. For that, I thank you so much Pam, and I promise to continue to make full use and the best of what I’ve learnt though those of your memorable lessons.

Following the course, I’ve had the opportunity to practise what I’ve learnt – the day after I got back to office, I was asked to give a short presentation of 5 minutes to my bosses on some keynote R&D project updates. I managed to employ A LOT of those key takeaways from the course like, “remembering key talking points instead of memorizing scripts, framing my presentation in a succinct structure where only key info needs to be delivered within a limited time so as to garner their maximum attention rather than focusing on myself and making myself unnecessarily nervous, establishing positive body language and eye contact, and also last but not least, drinking warm water to warm up my vocals before taking the stage with a BIG smile on my face! Those pointers really came in VERY handy and I managed to employed what you taught me, and I was quietly proud of myself after that 5 mins which I think I did quite an above-average job, considering my lack of self-confidence to start with, and also that my boss was nodding his head in acknowledgment of what I was saying as I breezed him through the updates project-by-project!”

    – Jiawei Ng, PUB Singapore

Who should attend:

Management professionals, Sales Managers, Business Development Managers, Marketing Executives, Trainers, Teachers, or Entrepreneurs, that present to groups of any size, this workshop is for you. This workshop is for anyone who does presentations for any purpose within an organisation and who desire to move up to the next leave of presentation and performance.


To bring Pamela Wigglesworth into your organization, give her a call at (+65) 6241 9834 or drop an email at courses@experiential.sg today.



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