Branding for Success


 A Brand symbolizes how people think about your product or service. Branding is about perception and satisfying the needs of the consumer. Successfully branded products or services contain two basic elements – features or attributes and emotional benefits. The first is common to all products and services. The second, emotional benefits associated with brands are what make them successful.

With a clear understanding of your target audience and what they want, creating a brand perception to match the consumer’s needs through branding, makes the sales and marketing of a product or service significantly easier.

This high energy 2-day workshop offers a simple step-by-step process to formulate a consumer focused brand by developing a brand blueprint. This training is interactive. Short facilitation followed by individual in class assignments, small and large group discussion and hands-on learning activities.

As a result of attending this training you will be able to:

  • Know the difference between a brand and branding
  • Develop a brand perception that connects with the consumer
  • Identify your true, niche target audience (your ideal customer), clarify the demographics and psychographics that relates to this audience
  • Define your brand’s (USP) Unique Selling Proposition that answers the consumer’s wants and needs
  • Write a marketing message that addresses the pains, issues, problems experienced consumer and clearly communicate to them your solution
  • Build a brand personality that aligns with their personality
  • Identify your brand positioning so you are selling at the right price and in the correct place
  • Establish a brand name, brand colours, fonts, tag lines and packaging that tells the consumer what you are all about and creates an image that they resonate with.
  • Craft a brand marketing strategy that drives your target audience to your place of business or website
  • Ensure you’re marketing through the right marketing channels, at the right time and place.

Money Back Guarantee

If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the course content or some way you feel that the course does not live up to your expectations, just contact us in writing on where we fell short and we will fully refund your money.


Here’s what past participants had to say:

“The staff really enjoyed the first two sessions and say they have learned more about customer service training and engaging the customer than in any other course we have offered. They also really liked the interactive-ness and the fact that it was done within the store environment.”

     – Emily Butt, Managing Director, HMV, Hong Kong & Singapore

“ chose to work with Experiential because Pamela is an energized, enthusiastic and passionate trainer. She is capable of developing her own training materials. Her strength lies in her ability to articulate and her industry experience in merchandising and product development, as well as first-hand experience as an entrepreneur, retailer and seeking venture capital.

Pamela is conscientious about proving quality to the trainees and is willing to contextualize training programs for differing needs. She is a reliable trainer and capable of delivering quality trainings.”

     – Doreen Tan, CEO, Textile & Fashion Industry Training Centre, Singapore

Who should attend: 

Business owners, marketing managers, sales executives, designers and start-ups.


To bring Pamela Wigglesworth into your organization, give her a call at (+65) 6241 9834 or drop an email at today.