It’s important that the staff in your organization are able to effectively articulate their thoughts and ideas, as well as the value of your products and services.

Experiential works with organizations to transform individuals to become effective communicators with peers, managers, clients and other stakeholders. With a new skillset and level of confidence, individuals are empowered to speak up at meetings and schedule more client meetings resulting in a jump in revenues.

The in-house step-by-step marketing courses move individuals from a novice stage to understanding and into a strategist for their business or organization.

Having staff that are able to clearly and concisely communicate the features of your brand and who effectively demonstrate your product benefits are a vital ingredient to your company’s success.


Confidently Closing the Sale

Are you a Sales Manager, Representative or Sales Department Head responsible for the business to business sales of your company’s products or services? You find that companies in your industry are tightening their purchasing budgets, yet the company continues to increase your business targets.

It is becoming more challenging to attract new leads and to get your foot in the door with prospects, current and past clients. Once you do get an appointment, you have one chance to make a great first impression and one chance to introduce your product or service. The pressure is on to present well to close the sale or at the very least to get the next appointment. Find out more >>


Fear-(less) Business Presentations

Do you love the work you do…that is until it comes to having to speak and presenting in public? You are well aware that support for your project, idea, proposal, product purchase or even a budget approval can be won or lost based on your ability to present with style, confidence and authority. Yet the simple thought of having to give a presentation keeps you awake at night, sick to your stomach and overcome with fear. Find out more >>


The Art of Persuasion

Presentation is not just about standing at the podium and running through the slides. It is about engaging the audience’s attention and presenting your ideas in a clear, concise and persuasive manner. It involves being prepared in all aspects of presentation versus simply focusing on a power point presentation. Having superior presentation skills will not only make you a more effective communicator, but will also enhance your credibility at your workplace as you will be perceived as an expert. Find out more >>


Fast Track Marketing

Wouldn’t it be great to start each day to find in your inbox five or more new targeted prospects eager to learn more about your product or service? Isn’t that what every entrepreneur and small business owner desires?

It is possible to get prospects coming to your website to make enquiries, but first they have to know you exist, how to find you and to know how you solve their most pressing issues, problems and pains. That is where marketing comes in.Find out more >>


Assertive Interpersonal Communication

It should be so simple to communicate. You talk, they listen. You write, they read. You ask; they answer.  You explain; they understand. It all sounds simple. But it isn’t. Effective communication is a two-way process between two or more persons. It is about sending a message that is also being correctly received and understood by the other person. For communication to be effective, it is important to understand how the people you are interacting with may interpret your message. Find out more >> 



Branding for Success, Build a Consumer Focused Brand Blueprint

Brand symbolizes how people think about your product or service. Branding is about perception and satisfying the needs of the consumer. Successfully branded products or services contain two basic elements – features or attributes and emotional benefits. The first is common to all products and services. The second, emotional benefits associated with brands are what make them successful. Find out more >>


Business Marketing Bootcamp

Reaching new customers and markets with the right tools takes focus and discipline….not genius! With all the various marketing tactics available to you, as an SME sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin and how to do it.

The Business Marketing Bootcamp, (conducted as a public workshop or a company marketing business retreat) aims to help small and medium enterprises like yours to thrive right now and beyond. Not only am I going to share what to do, I’m going to show you how to do it. Tap into the top three ways to get your business noticed, drive traffic to your business, increase leads and ultimately digital marketing. Find out more >>


SME 101 Marketing Bootcamp

Small and medium companies today are so busy working in their business handling their daily operations that they have limited time, limited resources and limited manpower to work on marketing their business.

It’s not that they don’t acknowledge the importance and value of what marketing can do for the business; it really comes down to knowing what to do. With the social media landscape and advertising platforms constantly changing, it’s hard for SME’s to know what marketing channels they should be using to promote their business and more importantly, when, where and how to use them.

Find out more >>


50-60 Something Start-up Entrepreneur

Today’s workplace has changed and is in constant flux. All over the world there is an increasing silent exodus going on in the workplace, across multiple industries with one demographic group that is being significantly impacted—the 50-60-year-old employee.

Losing your job as a 50 or 60-something individual brings with a host of major issues that can have both an immediate and long-term effect on your well-being and that of your immediate family.

Many 50-60 Something individuals simply are not financially ready to retire from work. Yet the likelihood of re-entering the workforce with a similar high paying salary will be extremely challenging. Sadly, many may not be rehired at all. So where does that leave the person who wants and needs to work? What is the solution? In a word –Entrepreneurship.

It’s time to join the 50-60 Revolution and move into small business ownership:

The 50-60 Something Start-up Entrepreneur – How to Quickly Start and Run a Successful Small Business.

Find out more >>