In the Spotlight – Sales Tips for the New Normal

As we reached the mid-point of the year, business owners and organization continue to find their way forward in this new normal. The internal and external chaos has begun to settle despite a global health crisis, economic crisis, the renewal of the civil rights movement in the US and Australia, businesses continue to find ways to survive.

One man who remained at the top of his game in his business while simultaneously reaching out to help others is sales psychologist and leadership coach Raymond Phoon of PowerUpSuccess Group. This is one busy guy, helping clients, creating masterminds, and contributing to his speaking community. Therefore, I was grateful to get him to pen a few thoughts for this week’s In the Spotlight to help you move from survival mode to thrive mode.

Top 10 Sales Tips for the New Normal

  1. Stay connected to your customers by using a variety of channels eg. emails, chat tools, phone call, social media, etc. Mix it up to keep things fresh.
  2. Use value added ways to keep them engaged eg. share insights that are relevant to their personal needs or industry.
  3. Show concern and empathy – offer to help make things easier for them. Not sure how you can help? Ask them.
  4. Get the latest lay of the land – be specific (Conduct market surveys by customer types, industries or product/service ownerships). Things have changed and will continue to change. Don’t make assumptions.
  5. Review your current offerings and what has been your top selling product, service or solution. Top sellers are defined as those that you sell the easiest, most frequent and brings the most income.
  6. Once you have consolidated the latest market insights, adapt your top seller by extending how your product adds value, expanding the access to it and creating an enhanced user experience.
  7. Be Aggressive – Be Bold and push through any barriers. Manage your outcomes by being Assertive. Always be moving things forward.
  8. Stay Positive – Look at the good, Throw away the bad. Keep things simple. Control what you can.
  9. Keep Active -Don’t wait and hope. Take action. Smart and hard work will breed new opportunities.
  10. Remember who you are. Your asset is your expertise. You win customers by solving their problems. Customers pay for what they think you are worth. So add value and show them!

Ten great tips from Raymond. Now it’s your turn. Pick two or three and get started.


About Raymond Phoon

Raymond Phoon is an Author, International Keynote Speaker & Business Transformation Expert with an extensive background in the areas of sales, marketing, leadership & business within the Technology, Financial Services, FMCG industries across the globe.

He is the CEO & founder of the PowerUpSuccess Group and is recognized as one of Asia’s leading Sales & Leadership trainer.

Raymond is also an accomplished Certified Virtual Presenter, with over 10 years of experience in delivering online engagements.