In the Spotlight – Embracing Conscious Leadership

The topic of leadership in the corporate world is ongoing and ever evolving. In this current climate of the health crisis and economic disruption, the question of leadership in a crisis seems to be the top of mind subject for the past few months.

In the last quarter the world has watched as some country and corporate leaders stepped up and led with authority and diplomacy, while others failed to lead or acted like toddlers having a temper tantrum when the virus wouldn’t play by their rules.

It’s one thing to lead with the head in times of crisis, but it begs the question, is there something missing? In today’s In the Spotlight, we ask this question of Dr Suresh Devnani, author of The Miserable Millionaire. Suresh sheds some light on the topic of Conscious Leadership at a time when the future of business and the economy are undergoing uncertainty.

Suresh’s spotlight comments:

Throughout history, man has made decisions that have affected every facet of human life. As the world reels under the double whammy of a pandemic and an economic slowdown, the question most leaders are asking is “What can we do to survive this?” But Conscious leaders, however, are the ones asking, “What can we do to steer everyone through this?”

I believe, every crisis is an opportunity and this one is no exception. It’s an occasion for great leaders to outshine and #empower future leaders. It’s a time for each leader to ask him or herself, “What kind of leader am I?”, “Do I lead from within the group, or as an outside influence?”, and most importantly, “What can I do for my people today that will best serve all of us in the long run?”

Here are 5 Things Conscious Leaders do Differently:

1. Gratitude

Conscious leaders actively recognise that everyone wants to feel appreciated, valued and recognised. They use authentic gratitude to heal, energise and transform lives of all around them.

Empowered with the attitude of gratitude, leaders shape their organisations present and future with innovation, physiological safety, the spirit of excellence and a thriving corporate culture. The science behind gratitude explains its benefits for leaders personally and for the business. Focusing our gratitude on people for whom we are thankful is more beneficial than focusing on circumstances or material things.

2. Resilience

If change is constant, any advancing needs adapting. Resilience is the paramount trait for sustained success. Conscious Leaders rise to this responsibility, leverage their privilege and exercise their prerogative powers for the greater good. Rise and shine. 

They even welcome hardships, for the harder the leadership challenge, the easier it is for them to develop a resilient leadership posture. 

3. Empathy

Showing followers that they and their achievements are deeply cared for is the magic wand well used by conscious leaders. To feel the pain of another like one’s own is empowering and fosters trust for both sides. Our lives deepest purpose is to fulfil and uplift others. These leaders focus on enriching lives.  

Walking a mile in your people’s shoes gives you a deeper understanding of them. And that makes all the difference in empathy being the doorway of trust.

4. Acceptance

Acceptance of all aspects of one’s life is the foundation for self-leadership. And self-leadership is the first step towards leading others. 

We all seek oneness within ourselves. Conscious leaders readily and wholly accept everyone; from family members to team members, to life’s situations and even death itself. 

True acceptance is a profound experience, both for the person extending this assent and for the one accepting this consent. Over time, this practice helps develop an attitude of acquiescence and compassion, which is invaluable in a time of turmoil or crisis.

5. Trust

Now is no time for selfish and limiting beliefs. It is time to rise and shine – to break free from the shackles of I, me and mine. Let this phase of ‘Business as Unusual’ be the propeller towards surrender and service. There is something bigger than oneself that equips one to live and grow without fear or limitations. 

Conscious leaders recognize that people only can exist in relation to supporting one another. The interconnected leader sees themselves as the producers of propulsions in an interconnected system to fulfil the ultimate purpose.

Instead of looking at ourselves as individuals, let’s look upon an organization as a single organism, and all of us as organs and cells. By letting one part of the body prosper while another suffers leads to illness which affects the whole organism. By including an element of mindfulness and connectedness to your leadership style, takes it to the realm of Conscious Leadership. 

About Dr. Suresh Devnani

SureshSuresh Devnani is Founder of Dr Devnani and Associates. He helps Leaders and Business Owners Breakthrough their Limiting Beliefs and Loneliness which is negatively affecting their performance and effectiveness, leading them to burnout and harming them both professionally at work and ruining their personal relationships.

He is the author of the Miserable Millionaire: From Wealth to Depression to Self-Realization.

Using his scientific yet simple tools, they evolve to engage deeper, perform with purpose and fuel faster growth in their Life, Career, and Business.

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