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In the Spotlight – The Best Negotiators Do Things Differently

If there ever was a time you need to have good negotiation skills, it’s now. Let’s face it, for many businesses, funds are tight and so you’ll want to ensure that you’re negotiating deals for your organization or small business to the best of your ability.

One man who knows a thing or two about effective negotiation is reformed lawyer, now international speaker and corporate trainer, David Goldwich.

This week’s In the Spotlight we are fortunate to catch David just as he launches his new book, Win-Win, An Everyday Guide to Negotiating.



In the Spotlight – Sales Tips for the New Normal

As we reached the mid-point of the year, business owners and organization continue to find their way forward in this new normal. The internal and external chaos has begun to settle despite a global health crisis, economic crisis, the renewal of the civil rights movement in the US and Australia, businesses continue to find ways to survive.

One man who remained at the top of his game in his business while simultaneously reaching out to help others is sales psychologist and leadership coach Raymond Phoon of PowerUpSuccess Group. This is one busy guy, helping clients, creating masterminds, and contributing to his speaking community. Therefore, I was grateful to get him to pen a few thoughts for this week’s In the Spotlight to help you move from survival mode to thrive mode.



KhalidIn the Spotlight – Can your business be found in this upended economy?

To help you get your website to a place where you’ll get some much-needed Google love, this week In the Spotlight, I’m tapping the wisdom of tech wizard, Mohamad Khalid of KhalidTech. In this feature he shares seven tips that you can do to improve the search engine optimation of your website.



AilsaIn the Spotlight – C’ing Your Way Through Covid-19

While most people were still reeling from the uncertainly of their world, one smart marketer, Ailsa Page, Founder & Director of AP Marketing Works got busy creating a simple plan to help her clients get through this challenging time. In this week’s In the Spotlight, we’ve asked Ailsa to share her strategies for C’ing Your Way Through Covid-19.



NinaIn the Spotlight – Marginal Gains Approach to Continuously Improve

Businesses and industries worldwide have experienced some form of disruption in their daily operations over the past five months. Some have gone into hibernation some have closed, some have maintained bus. The bottom line is most companies have lost traction in their businesses and need to find ways to effectively come back, they need guidance to move them from just surviving to thriving. This week’s In the Spotlight feature taps the expertise of Nina Sunday, author of Workplace Wisdom for 9 to Thrive’ to highlight how to achieve marginal gains for yourself or your business.



JulianIn the Spotlight – Capitalize on an Intrapreneurial Culture

In this week’s In the Spotlight, we’ve invited Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw, Phd MEd BA CSP to introduce the concept of an intrapreneurial culture. Irena knows that “now is the time for Intrapreneurs to unlock potential, harness creativity and liberate transformation to allow their organizations to SOAR”.



JulianIn the Spotlight – Scripting Tips for Engaging Videos

In this week’s In the Spotlight, we’ve invited world class videographer, Julian Mather, to help you in creating engaging videos, specifically script writing tips. Julian, a self-proclaimed smartphone video evangelist works with businesses and individual teaching them how use their smartphones to create professional videos.



SureshIn the Spotlight – Embracing Conscious Leadership

In today’s In the SpotlightDr Suresh Devnani, author of The Miserable Millionaire sheds some light on the topic of Conscious Leadership at a time when the future of business and the economy are undergoing uncertainty.



JoeriIn the Spotlight – Innovation in a Time of Crisis

Today it is critical that organizations and small business owners challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovate solutions. Yet where does one begin, what is required for you to pivot, to step into the role of innovator? Who better to answer this question for us in this week’s In the Spotlight than the innovation guy, Joeri Schilders, Founder of The Magic Sauce who works with Fortune 500 companies around the world on this very topic.



In the Spotlight – 9 Decisions that Define Your Leadership

I’ve reached out to my ‘go to’ sales expert, Mark Hunter, known as The Sales Hunter to seek his insights on what you can do today as business leaders (yes, that includes SMEs and entrepreneurs too) to support your sales teams and to keep momentum within your organization or small business. Today’s In the Spotlight, Mark shares 9 decisions that will define your leadership.



In the Spotlight – Virtual Meetings and Live Streaming Events

In this week’s In-the-Spotlight we’re tapping the virtual meetings and live streaming expertise of Media Technology Director, John Wigglesworth. And yes, if you’re wondering, that’s how I acquired my surname.



In the Spotlight – Remote Brainstorming

When it comes to working with your teams, just because you’re not in the same room doesn’t mean you still can’t brainstorm with one another. In this issue of In The Spotlight, we feature Yasmin Khater, Founder of Sales Story Method. Here she shares  top tips with you on how to be effective at remote brainstorming.



Lindsay Portrait-500In the Spotlight – Creating Referrals

This week’s In the Spotlight is a Top Ten Tips Feature and is all about referrals. It comes to us from The Relationship Guy himself, Lindsay Adams, author of The DNA of Business Relationships.