How to Create Engaging Content For a Boring Industry

October 17, 2015 By: Pamela - No Comments

In the world of content marketing, it isn’t a secret that some industries are a bit more engaging than others, and that creating content for them is easier. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to write about travel or food instead of affiliate marketing or laundry services? Still, just because an industry is or at least seems to be boring, doesn’t mean that creating engaging content for it, whether it’s in the form of blog posts, website articles, social media updates, or YouTube videos, has to be a painful experience. Here are a couple of tips that will inspire you to create engaging content even for apparently boring industries.

Be practical and helpful
No content can be boring if it provides the reader with information he or she needs.

The car washing industry is of course somewhat boring compared to the fashion industry, and the content ideas and topics are more limited, but if you tell your readers what cleaning substances they should avoid at all costs, why home-washing their car is not environmentally friendly, or how they should look after their car once it’s washed to preserve the polish, the content cannot be boring for them. Just put yourself into the shoes of the people interested in your industry. What do they need to know? What do they want to know?

Answer customer questions
You can turn all those questions that your prospective customers leave in your inbox, blog comments, or social media pages into highly-relevant, highly-targeted content that drives sales. All frequently asked questions about your industry, whether they refer to products and services, customer support, or the practicalities of the buying process can be effectively turned into useful blog posts and social media updates.

Shift your focus to visual content
Your industry may seem boring if you present it exclusively through textual content. Some industries are better represented through visual content such as images, videos, and occasionally, infographics. If you want to create content for a lawn mowing company’s online marketing campaign, it can be hard for you to create engaging blog posts if you focus on the text alone, simply because there’s not that much to say. Instead create visual content such as Before & After photo comparisons, video speed-ups of your team at work, and anything else visual you can think of. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Deliver your content as podcasts
I’ve just talked about the importance of visual content. Here’s another way to engage your audience. Audio content, and especially podcasts, which are easy to produce, download, and listen to, can help you talk about any niche, however remote or obscure, in a way that can help you win the trust of your customers and market your brand. Podcasts are by their nature friendly and conversational, and if you happen to be a good talker, or if you know someone in your company who is, you can infuse your content with humor and turn an otherwise boring topic into an engaging weekly podcast that helps you build a subscription list.

Conduct interviews
Consider interviewing experts within your company, industry experts, satisfied customers, and anybody else relevant to your industry. Interviews are more engaging than articles and they can be used as an effective tool for presenting in a personal and engaging way content that otherwise is hard to digest. The trend across the web is for companies to get more personal, to drop the business jargon and use a friendly, person-to-person tone, and interviews can help you achieve this even within boring industries.

Be short and concise
It’s very hard to engage someone with a 2,000 word article or an hour-long video on a niche topic like wire mesh or supercar t-shirts. The less inherently interesting the topic is, the less willing will your audience be to read it from beginning to end. Whatever type of content you’re aiming for, whether it’s blog posts, YouTube or Facebook videos, or downloadable e-books, it’s crucial to keep it short and to the point. For best results, consider hiring a professional editor to trim down the excess words — it’s one of the best ways to create content that is engaging for a bland industry.

The Bottom Line
Creating engaging content for certain industries can indeed be more challenging, but by changing your perspective and the format in which you present it, you can create content that is practical, useful, and valuable for your audience. Whether you’re selling weight loss products or mouse traps, there are literally endless content ideas you can turn into engaging posts, articles, social media updates, and more. It only takes a bit of creativity to find them.Time to put on your creative thinking cap.