How to Craft Better Newsletters That Will Boost Your Conversion Rates

December 6, 2015 By: Pamela - No Comments

Sending newspapers to your followers and customers is easy enough with the automated email marketing platforms we have these days, but getting people to actually engage with them and answer your calls to action is another matter altogether. Whether you are trying to grow your blog subscriber list or sell products and services, this brief guide will help you craft more engaging newsletters for any occasion.

Create Eye-Grabbing Subject Lines

People are looking for any excuse to delete mails and clean their inbox, and a bland subject line such as “Our Weekly Newsletter” or “Read Our Newsletter” is one of the best excuses you can give them. Go instead for a more exciting subject like “Check Our Exclusive Interview with Mr. So and So”, or use the hottest headline in your newsletter content. Also, mention in the subject line sales, discounts, and any specials you offer your newspaper subscribers to increase the appeal of your newsletter.

Turn Your Newsletters Into Personal Letters

There are so many “Sign up to our newsletter” calls to action on websites that many web users have become insensible to them. Make your newsletters stand out by adding charm and elegance to them with beautiful fonts, a table of contents on the first page, and gorgeous images. With some email marketing platforms, you can even send newsletters addressed directly to individual followers or customers, using their name. The more personal and humane your “digital letter” is, the more successful it will be.

Give Your Email Subscribers What They Need, Not What You Want

Your subscribers don’t sign up to your newsletter just because they want more mail. They are looking for informative, helpful, or entertaining content that is easy to digest, and special offers they won’t find anywhere else. Figuring out what your subscribers need takes time, and requires tweaking and adjusting your email campaign, but it’s what sets apart successful newsletters from unsuccessful ones. Try to offer your subscribers more than free news – offer them value and exclusivity. To encourage them to act, build a sense of urgency.

Use an Email Marketing Platform If You Don’t Use One Already

Email platforms such as AWeber, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, or Campaigner come with useful templates and newsletter creation tools, empowering you to create more visually appealing HTML newsletters. More than that, they help you track how many of your sent emails are opened or how many links are clicked, and come with other insightful yet user-friendly analytics. The monthly fee that these platforms require pays for itself in time.

Don’t Try to Sell Something In Each Newsletter

While one of the aims of your newsletter may be to sell your products and services, you are not likely to achieve much by pushing for a sale each time you send a newsletter. The content marketing approach is more suitable for newsletters, that is, establishing your authority and building trust by providing valuable content. Use your newsletter calls to action to invite your audience to check your blog, follow you on social sites, or attend your events. By doing so, you are more likely to keep your subscribers in the long term. Conversions with naturally come.  

Ensure Your Newsletters Display Beautifully On Mobile

Many of your subscribers, if not the majority, will be checking their inbox on their smartphones and tablets. The smaller screen of mobile devices leaves less space for distractions – mobile conversion rates tend to be higher than desktop conversions. If you’re not sending mobile-friendly emails, you will certainly lose conversions, and even subscribers. The good news is that email marketing platforms come with mobile optimization.

Finally, remember that your newsletters will be most effective if they arrive at the right time. Think of who your audience is. Young professionals with 9 to 5 jobs? Married moms? Busy business owners? Many people postpone checking non-urgent work emails until the evening.  Now go grab your pen and start writing.