How do you describe your brand personality?

September 19, 2010 By: Pamela - No Comments

Here’s the scenario. You’re in business. Perhaps you are a start up or maybe your company has been around for a few years. During a conversation you are asked “What is your product/service brand personality?”


You ask yourself. Are we supposed to have a brand personality and if so, how in the heck do I get one?


I would venture to say that if you asked some top management or a new startup about their brand personality, they would tell you that they don’t have one. The truth of the matter is, yes they do, even if they aren’t able to articulate it at the moment.


Let’s look at this from a different angle. As individuals we all have a personality. Some personalities are outgoing, some introverted, some are loud and colorful, others fairly tame and unnoticeable.


As individuals we tend to gravitate to people whose personalities we find appealing. The same principle applies to brands. We are drawn to products or services with personalities that appeal to us.


For new products being introduced into the market, the key to increasing potential sales is to create a brand personality that closely mirrors that of your target audience.


Think about the computer geek who buys hip hop clothes. He doesn’t necessarily follow the trends of hip hop artists; he buys this style of clothes so that he is able to mimic the “personality” of the “cool” people he idolizes so that he will be able to fit in and be accepted.


The closer you are able to align your brand personality with that of your target audience, the greater the chance you have of connecting with her when she is ready to buy.


What is your brand personality and is it in line with that of your target audience?


Tell us your thoughts. How do you describe your brand personality?