Why Experiential Learning?

Founded by Pamela Wigglesworth, Experiential is a Singapore based training and development company. Our training focuses on learning for the individual as a result of their direct participation, and then personal reflection upon what was experienced. Individual learning is achieved from mini lectures and demonstrations, from peers and through personal self discovery. For adults, the learning process must be hands-on. Even Confucius knew that people have to be involved to learn.

Tell me, and I will forget
Show me, and I may remember
Involve me, and I will understand

Confucious 450BC

Experiential learning is also referred to as experiential training & development. Experiential learning is significant as a training methodology. When looking at the word ‘learning’, it means that emphasis is on the learner’s perspective. ‘Experiential’ means that an individual’s learning and development is achieved from their personal involvement, experience and reflection. This differs from the conventional teaching and training which is based primarily on knowledge/skills transfer. In a nutshell, experiential learning refers to the type of education that allow adults to be active, to do whatever it is they’re learning.

Experiential hands-on learning is adaptable. Adults need learning methods that are adaptable to them as individuals and which addresses their strengths, their level of education, personal and professional experience. Training workshops should not only transfer capabilities, they should strive to develop people as individuals.

For experiential learning to be truly effective for the individual and the company, the process includes setting a goal prior to the training linked to company objectives; to classroom hands-on activities, observing, reflection; and finally action planning for the individual after the training. This entire process allows one to learn new skills, new attitudes or even entirely new ways of thinking.

When people are developed as individuals, it builds their confidence and self-esteem which ultimately increases workplace productivity.

Games, lectures, exercises and worksheets are just a few of the techniques used. There is a fun factor associated with learning which improves the knowledge retention of the lesson.

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