Executive Presentation Coaching

executive presentation coaching


Do you struggle to effectively get your point across to your clients, management and peers? Are you not taken seriously because you lack Executive Presence?

Executive Presence has to do with the way one carries and conveys oneself, including confidence, composure, decisiveness, authenticity and the ability to communicate in an articulate manner.

Not being seen or taken seriously can be a detriment to your career prospects. Sadly, the individuals who fail to take the initiative to improve their presentation skills and aptitude are at risk of being left behind, seen as not qualified for the promotion or even worse, at risk of losing their job altogether.

In an uncertain slowing global economy, now is not the time to be flying under the radar.


One-to-one Executive Presentation Skills Coaching with Pamela Wigglesworth will equip you with the tools, processes and resources you need to achieve success. Executive Presence coaching helps you to be your best self as a leader, executive and as an individual. You will discover how to make the right changes to your content, deliver your message with confidence and demonstrate positive body language and gestures.

Pamela acts as a sounding board, and another pair of eyes and ears, to help you discover your authentic voice and message.

One-to-one executive presentation coaching sessions are available for C-Suite Management, Senior Executives, Sales Executives, Business Development Managers or any person looking to achieve a quantum leap in their career.

Organizations like Thomson Reuters, Global Logistics Properties, Starwood Group Hotels, Roche, Bibby Offshore, AMRO, American Bureau of Shipping, and TPG Capital have hired Pamela to work with their C-Suite Management and Senior Executives to develop their Executive Presence and presentation performance when addressing Management, Board of Directors, Government Officials, Town Hall Meetings, Media and at large scale corporate events.




Please contact Pamela directly by email at coaching@experiential.sg or telephone  (+65) 6241 9834 to discuss one to one coaching for you or a staff member.

Here’s what past participants had to say:

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