Entrepreneurship and Marketing Consultation

Entrepreneurship and Marketing Consultation

Small and medium companies today are so busy working in their business handling their daily operations that they have limited time, limited resources and limited manpower to work on marketing their business.

It’s not that they don’t acknowledge the importance and value of what marketing can do for the business; it really comes down to knowing what to do. With the social media landscape and advertising platforms constantly changing, it’s hard for SME’s to know what marketing channels they should be using to promote their business and more importantly, when, where and how to use them.

With things changing at such a rapid pace, many well deserving  companies with great products and services are missing out on business opportunities because they lack the knowledge of how to put themselves in front of their ideal customer locally or internationally.

In addition, many small and medium enterprises believe that they need a huge marketing budget to be able to make a big impact and compete with the ‘big boys’ when this is simply not the case. The key is knowing how to fully maximize your marketing dollars so that you too can play in the ‘big kids sandbox’.

Sadly, the companies who aren’t willing to invest their time and money to get educated on how to effectively market their business, will eventually get left behind while their competitors leap ahead and gain market share and profits.

In this bear economy, can you afford to take the risk of not educating yourself and your team?

As a 25 year veteran entrepreneur, Pamela Wigglesworth consults entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises to develop their brand message and positioning and on various elements of marketing communication.



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 “Pam is a great coach. She communicates her ideas effectively and is able to impart valuable insights on the subject of entrepreneurship. I used to be passive and overwhelmed with the challenges I faced at work. But after attending her class, I had a new perspective and was illuminated to think out of the box. The course taught me to maximize my effectiveness at work and I was inspired to be a problem solver. Pam has a great sense of humour and is able to enthuse the class with practical illustrations. She is creative, innovative, cares for her students and has our best interest at heart. There’s something special about Pam!

    – Jacquerine Student, Paris Graduate School of Management, Singapore

“It has been a pleasure meeting you last Thursday at EDC@SMCCI for your branding talk. I thought it was a refreshing and energetic presentation you gave. I’ve certainly been inspired and did learn some great new ideas from you. In fact, thanks to you, we have face-lifted our website to project a consistent brand image.

Thank you once again for sharing with us your valuable wealth of knowledge about the concept of a brand, misconceptions around it and the key tips on actively creating positive branding. Of course, that bit on the bar of soap and name card perception assessment was unique and certainly an eye-opener to subtle influences on a brand!”

    – Danial Fadzlon, Marketing Manager, Adfix Media, Singapore

Some of the topics that I can assist you with are:

Business development

  • Business plan writing
  • Create a Marketing plan


  • Establish the brand USP
  • Identify true ideal consumer
  • Design brand personality & positioning
  • Develop the brand icons – the visual identifiers of your brand

Marketing Communication:

  • Content marketing development
  • Email marketing
  • Social media planning and scheduling
  • Video script writing
  • YouTube video optimization
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Outsourcing projects with virtual assistants
  • Article marketing
  • Press release writing & distribution
  • On page website optimization




Entrepreneurship  and Marketing Consultation