Change your Mindset; Change your Business

December 31, 2012 By: Pamela - No Comments

December 31st

The last day of what was a great business year for me. While newspapers and news channels talked about how bad the economy was and people within my industry talked about how tough things were, I am happy to say that my business not only survived during these turbulent times, it thrived big time.

Interestingly enough, the years before I too experienced challenging times in the business. I had to ask myself, what happened this year that made such a difference in my business to such an extent that I tripled my business over last year.

After taking the time to reflect on this question, I realized that there was one major thing that changed which impacted everything that I did this year. What is that one thing you ask? Here is it…wait for it….it was my mindset.

That’s right. I changed my attitude and how I saw myself and the value that I offer to my clients. At the start of 2012, I saw myself in a new light. I changed the conversation in my head that said I was only worth a certain hourly rate, or that I could only charge a certain amount per day for a workshop. I shifted to owning my worth and this became the catalyst for change in everything I did from that point onwards.

Changing my attitude to one of being worthy gave me the belief that I could run my own public workshops this year. Something I had not done since 2010. I charged workshop fees based on the value of the training and not based on ‘what I thought I could get’. Anytime I questioned whether my fee was too high, I increased it instead of going down and had little to no objections from my clients.

I have always strived to continue my personal education and development to improve my business, however changing my mindset led to me investing more with consultants at higher rates. I saw myself as worthy of spending larger amounts with the people who could help me to accelerate my own business.

In fact, when I saw an opportunity to work with a consultant that would help my business have a quantum leap, my ‘I’m worthy attitude’ made it possible to jump in with both feet and invest the most I have every have in one single individual.

My change in attitude made we want more for myself and my business and to want it faster. I sought out and participated in Mastermind Groups that could shorten my learning curve.

I truly believe that by changing how I felt about myself, it set things in motion that aided in accelerating my turnover this year.

Now as we move into 2013 is less than 24 hours from now, I am going to keep that same attitude and continue on the same lines as I did this year. I’m grateful to the clients, friends, and family who made 2012 such a wonderful year. I am especially grateful to my husband John who continues to support me in doing what I love to do each day. Thanks for all you do.

So what will your mindset be in 2013? Survive or Thrive? Share with us what 2012 was like for you and what you’ll be doing more of or less of in 2013.